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Which of the following is used to connect a VM to a SAN?
B. vRouter
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following network topologies should an administrator use to segment traffic?
A. Metropolitan Area Networks
B. Local Area Networks
C. Virtual Local Area Networks
D. Wide Area Networks
Correct Answer: C


A company wants to implement a public IaaS solution but also wants to address site resiliency challenges.
When selecting an IaaS provider, which of the following should a cloud technician look for within the provider\\’s
capabilities to meet the requirements?
A. Bare metal service
B. Failure zones
C. Backup services
D. Dedicated connectivity
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is deploying a new application platform with the following resource utilization:lead4pass cv0-002 practice test q4

Company policy requires that no resource utilization surpasses 80%. Which of the following resources will need to be
upgraded prior to deployment?
A. Disk
D. Network
Correct Answer: A


A cloud administrator is provisioning several user accounts that have administrator rights to assets using JSON within
an IaaS cloud platform. The administrator is required to configure “alternate” settings using the API. Given this scenario,
which of the following elements would allow the administrator to meet these requirements in the JSON file?
A. Statement
B. Effect
C. Resource
D. Condition
Correct Answer: A


cloud administrator uses a script to automatically restart all the servers running in the public cloud provider environment,
which hosts e-commerce applications. The administrator decides to implement the same script for a similar environment
that hosts the finance applications. After verifying the script is deployed to the public cloud environment for finance, the
administrator schedules a job to run at 9:00 a.m. After 9:00 a.m., the administrator receives a report from the eCommerce team that the application is experiencing outages. Which of the following should the administrator do to
resolve the issue?
A. Update the version of the CLI tool for the public cloud provider.
B. Copy the script up to a bastion host in the environment and run it from there.
C. Validate the access credentials for the cloud provider are correct.
D. Debug the script and modify it to remove the flawed logic.
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is configuring a website in the cloud. Which of the following secure network protocols should the administrator configure?
Correct Answer: C


Recent feedback from an employee engagement survey stated that users are frustrated with multiple logins to different
SaaS providers, and the cloud engineering teams is directed to address this issue and implement a solution. The
security policy states that users must access the SaaS from approved IP addresses.
Which of the following is the BEST and most efficient solution to deploy?
A. Deploy an IPSec tunnel to each SaaS provider and enable biometric login.
B. Deploy a smart card login and change passwords to each SaaS vendor every 30 days.
C. Deploy a CASB solution and whitelist the approved SaaS applications.
D. Deploy SSO and enforce VPN access to the corporate domain.
Correct Answer: D


A pharmaceutical company is migrating its systems and infrastructure to the cloud. Due to security restrictions and
regulatory policies, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is concerned about moving this information to the cloud.
Based on the CEO\\’s concern, which of the following should the company do First?
A. Review compliance requirements.
B. Apply defined audit/compliance requirements.
C. Review company security policies.
D. Update the security tools to systems and services.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following will be the BEST option for an administrator to bring VMs online at a warm site after a natural
disaster has occurred at the primary site?
A. Kick off a full backup
B. Request offsite backup tapes
C. Confirm enterprise tape library is functional
D. Verify replication is enabled
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is building a VM for a department in the company. The requirements for the department include:
Run multiple mission-critical applications.
Generate and interpret large quantities of test data.
The administrator will start with the standard company VM template. Which of the following should the administrator
configure for this new department template to meet department requirements? (Select two.)
A. Configure additional virtual NICs
B. Configure additional memory
C. Configure port mapping
D. Apply appropriate OS licensing
E. Configure additional CPUs and storage
Correct Answer: AB


A system administrator needs to spread data storage allocation across multiple physical drives and ensure that these
are mapped properly to communicate with the virtual server farm. The administrator also needs the ability to quickly
create or remove these mappings so data storage is not assigned without being used. Which of the following storage
techniques would fit these requirements?
A. Virtual LUN
B. Subnet masking
C. Multipathing
D. Physical LUN
Correct Answer: C


A multinational corporation needs to migrate servers, which are supporting a national defense project, to a new
datacenter. The data in question is approximately 20GB in size. The engineer on the project is considering datacenters
in several countries as possible destinations. All sites in consideration are on a high-speed MPLS network (10Gb+
connections). Which of the following environmental constraints is MOST likely to rule out a possible site as an option?
A. Downtime impact
B. Legal restrictions
C. Peak time frames
D. Bandwidth
Correct Answer: B

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