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CompTIA A+ 220-1002 & 220-1002 Study Guide:

The Official CompTIA® A+® Core 2 Study Guide (Exam 220-1002) provides the background knowledge and skills you will require to be a successful A+ technician. It will help you prepare to take the CompTIA A+ Core Series certification examination (Exam 220-1002), in order to become a CompTIA A+ Certified Professional.

After reading the CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Certification Study Guide, you will be able to:

  • Support operating systems.
  • Install, configure, and maintain operating systems.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows.
  • Configure and troubleshoot network connections.
  • Manage users, workstations, and shared resources.
  • Implement physical security.
  • Secure workstations and data.
  • Troubleshoot workstation security issues.
  • Support and troubleshoot mobile operating systems and applications.
  • Implement operational procedures.

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Latest effective CompTIA Other Certification 220-1002 Exam Practice Tests

A manager with a restricted user account receives the following error message:
Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running.
The manager contacts the help desk to report the error. A technician remotely connects to the user\\’s computer and
identifies the problem. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
A. Reboot the computer
B. Restart the network services
C. Roll back the device drivers
D. Rebuild the Windows profiles
Correct Answer: B

A security team is auditing a company\\’s network logs and notices that a USB drive was previously inserted into several
of the servers. Many login attempts were then successfully performed using common login information. Which of the
following actions should be taken to close the vulnerability? (Select two.)
A. Disable guest account
B. Remove admin permissions
C. Modify AutoRun settings
D. Change default credentials
E. Run OS security updates
F. Install a software firewall
Correct Answer: AC

An administrator is setting up a Windows terminal server. Which of the following settings should the administrator modify
to increase server security? (Select two.)
A. Change the default access port
B. Enforce password complexity
C. Put the terminal server into the router\\’s DMZ
D. Disable logon time restrictions
E. Block all unused ports on the LAN smart switch
F. Use the local client certificate for server authentication
Correct Answer: CE

A small business has an open wireless network so vendors can connect to the network without logging in. The business
owners are concerned that a nearby company is connecting and using the wireless connection without permission. If the
small business requires that the network remain open, which of the following configuration settings should be changed
to address these concerns?
A. Default SSID
B. MAC filtering
C. Power levels
D. Content filtering
E. Firewall
Correct Answer: C

A technician is working on a user\\’s workstation and notices a lot of unknown processes running in the background. The
user informs the technician that an application was recently downloaded from the Internet. Which of the following types
of infection does the user MOST likely have?
A. Rootkit
B. Keylogger
C. Trojan
D. Ransomware
Correct Answer: A

An end user is browsing the Internet when multiple browser pages open by themselves. The user notices the PC is
running slowly, even while not browsing the internet. Which of the following actions should the user take?
A. Update antivirus definitions
B. Install anti-malware software
C. Enable the pop-up blocker
D. Reboot the PC
Correct Answer: B

A project team is organized to implement a new wireless solution for a school. The team has already done the network
diagrams and knows the locations that will need to be addressed in the project. The team is in the process of creating
SOW for the project as a whole and needs to add the critical pieces to the SOW to complete it and move to the next
Which of the following would the project team MOST likely add to the SOW?
A. Risk analysis
B. Plan to change
C. Backout plan
D. Change board approvals
Correct Answer: C

A user\\’s mobile device appears to be losing battery life rapidly and often feels warm to the touch, even when it is put
away. The device is relatively new, so the user is concerned it is defective. A technician inspects the device and see
Which of the following should be changed to resolve this issue?lead4pass 220-1002 exam question q8A. Privacy ?Maps
B. Display ?Brightness
C. Storage ?Photos
D. Mail ?Work
Correct Answer: B

A user\\’s Windows laptop has become consistently slower over time. The technician checks the CPU utilization and
sees that it varies between 95% and 100%. After the technician closes some running applications, the CPU utilization
drops to approximately 20%, and the laptop runs much faster. The next day the same user calls again with the same
problem. Which of the following is a tool the technician can use to resolve the issue?
A. Task Manager
C. MSConfig
D. PerfMon
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following threats uses personalized information in an attempt at obtaining information?
A. Whaling
B. Impersonation
C. Spoofing
D. Spear phishing
Correct Answer: D

A junior Linux system administrator needs to update system software. Which of the following shell commands would
allow the administrator to gain the necessary permissions to update the software?
A. sudo
B. chmod
C. grep
D. pwd
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following technologies is used by malicious employees to obtain user passwords?
A. Main-in-the-middle
B. Phishing
C. Tailgating
D. Shoulder surfing
Correct Answer: D

A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website with port 443 enabled. Other computers on the
same LAN do not exhibit this symptom. Which of the following needs to be adjusted on the workstation to fix the issue?
A. Date and time
B. UEFI boot mode
C. Logon times
D. User access control
Correct Answer: A

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