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CompTIA A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002 Study Guide:

The Official CompTIA A+ Core 1 Study Guide (220-1001) has been developed by CompTIA for the CompTIA certification candidate.Rigorously evaluated by third-party subject matter experts to validate adequate coverage of the Core 1 exam objectives,the Official CompTIA A+ Core 1 Study Guide teaches the essential skills and information required for the CompTIA certification exam (220-1001).

After reading the A+ 220-1001 study guide you will understand how to:

  • Install and configure PC system unit components and peripheral devices.
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot display and multimedia devices.
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot storage devices.
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot internal system components.
  • Explain network infrastructure concepts.
  • Configure and troubleshoot network connections.
  • Implement client virtualization.
  • Support and troubleshoot laptops.
  • Support and troubleshoot mobile devices.
  • Support and troubleshoot print devices.

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Latest effective CompTIA Other Certification 220-1001 Exam Practice Tests

A technician needs to routinely run scripting commands in Linux but does not want to walk over the server room every
time to perform the task. The technician also travels between buildings and has a Windows 10 laptop with 4GB of
memory and a fully partitioned 500GB hard drive.
Which of the following steps should the technician take to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Increase the memory to 8GB.
B. Install a Linux guest VM.
C. Add another 500GB hard drive.
D. Create a Linux LiveBoot CD.
E. Repartition the hard drive.
F. Install Linux on a new ext3 partition.
Correct Answer: EF

Which of the following charging and data ports has a non-directional connector?
A. Micro-USB
B. Mini-USB
Correct Answer: D

A technician is troubleshooting a laptop/projector combination that is displaying artifacts on the screen. When a different
laptop is connected to the projector, the image appears to be correct but is very dim.
Which of the following steps should the technician take to address these issues? (Choose two.)
A. Update the video drivers on the laptop.
B. Increase the projector contrast.
C. Replace the original laptop.
D. Change the aspect ratio on the projector.
E. Replace the bulb in the projector.
F. Modify the laptop\\’s display resolution.
Correct Answer: BD

A user is no longer able to browse the Internet after returning from vacation. The user is able to log in and navigate to
the local intranet, but not to any outside sites. A technician pings a well-known website by name but gets no reply. The
technician then pings its IP address and gets a reply.
Which of the following commands will MOST likely resolve the issue?
A. ipconfig /all
B. ipconfig /flushdns
C. ipconfig /release
D. ipconfig /setclassid
Correct Answer: B

A user\\’s laptop is shutting down unexpectedly. The technician discovers the shutdowns only happen when the laptop is
moved from one room to another. The technician reseated the hard drive, memory, battery, and LCD cable, but the
laptop continues to shut down.
Which of the following is the MOST probable cause of the issue?
A. Residual energy on the motherboard
B. System overheating
C. Distended capacitors
D. Loose battery connection
E. CMOS battery failure
Correct Answer: D

During an inspection, it was found that data racks were not properly grounded. To pass the inspection and address a
growing concern to protect data cabling and equipment, a technician must make sure all racks are properly grounded.
Which of the following tools should the technician use to verify this has been completed?
A. Multimeter
B. Cable tester
C. Tone generator
D. Voltmeter
Correct Answer: A

Multiple users report that the network printer, which is connected through the print server, is not printing.
Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to remedy this situation?
A. Replace the USB cable.
B. Reinstall the drivers on users\\’ PCs.
C. have users restart their PCs.
D. Clear the print queue.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following resources in the MOST critical when using cloud file-storage synchronization applications?
A. Disk speed
B. I/O bandwidth
C. RAM utilization
D. CPU utilization
Correct Answer: B

In a virtual environment, which of the following allows all the VMs to have RAM allocated for use?
A. Resource pooling
B. Measured service
C. Virtual application streaming
D. Synchronization
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following devices is used to implement network security policies for an environment?
A. Firewall
B. managed switch
C. Repeater
D. Gateway
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following channels would commonly be used on an 802.11 wireless network?
A. 6
B. 17
C. 802
D. 8080
Correct Answer: A

A client has three locations within city limits that need to be networked. Vendor network requirements for all three
locations are a minimum of 1GB.
Which of the following are the types of networks that will MOST likely be used for internal office and office-to-office
networking? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB

The network administrator has changed the IP address of ComputerA from to and now jane, a
user, is unable to connect to file shares on ComputerA from ComputerB using the computer name.
Using the available tools, resolve the connectivity issues.
After troubleshooting the issue, verify a successful connection.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation? please click the Reset All button.lead4pass 220-1001 exam question q13 lead4pass 220-1001 exam question q13-1 lead4pass 220-1001 exam question q13-2 lead4pass 220-1001 exam question q13-3A. See the
Correct Answer: A
We need to flush the DNS to have the new IP address assigned to the same computer name. Use the ipconfig/flushdns

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