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PK0-003 dumps
Which of the following project plan components would include information regarding the management of issues?
A. Project Management Plan
B. Human Resources Plan
C. Risk Management Plan
D. Scope Management Plan
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following represents a good reason for formally closing out a project?
A. To provide historical information for future projects
B. To manage stakeholders\’ expectations
C. To promote team cohesiveness
D. To keep a record in case someone comes back later with an issue after transition
Correct Answer: A

When would a project manager have a closure meeting? (Select THREE).
A. Stage completion
B. Task completion
C. Document completion
D. Project cancellation
E. Project completion
F. Vendor cancellation
Correct Answer: ADE

Which of the following describes the work package level of a WBS? PK0-003 dumps
A. Project phases
B. Major deliverables
C. The lowest level
D. The project name
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is required to validate a project?
A. Problem statement
B. Signed project charter
C. Key project deliverables
D. Alignment with the organization\’s strategic goals
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following aspects of project closure deals with the rating of areas of project progress and participation?
A. Weighted scoring
B. Facility disposition
C. Performance evaluations
D. Supply disposition
Correct Answer: C

When creating a communication plan, the project manager should include the escalation path, format and frequency of meetings, and:
A. Roles and responsibilities
B. Risk and issue log
C. Budget
D. Scope
Correct Answer: A

A project team is meeting monthly for their project risk review. During the brainstorm, one of the team members mentions that a risk to the project could be a delay with the servers. Which of the following is the BEST response?
A. Exploit
B. Enhance
C. Avoid
D. Share
Correct Answer: C

The project manager is reviewing the earned value of work completed compared to the planned value and is representing it in a dollar figure. This type of analysis is an example of which of the following? PK0-003 dumps
A. Cost performance index
B. Risk mitigation
C. Schedule variance
D. Cost variance
Correct Answer: C

In which of the following project life cycle phases would one perform the first stakeholder\’s analysis?
A. Initiation
B. Controlling
C. Planning
D. Monitoring
Correct Answer: A

A project with a projected budget of $100,000 is 75% complete and has a CPI of .85. Which of the following is TRUE regarding this project?
A. More project work than projected has been completed
B. The project is currently in cost overrun
C. The project EV is 63.75
D. $85,000 has been spent in the project
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is the BEST method to avoid staffing conflict between resource managers and project managers?
A. Allow team members to enter the project as best fits their schedule.
B. Ask the project sponsor for team member assignments.
C. Claim the best department resources before the project starts.
D. Formally request team members early.
Correct Answer: D

A project manager is trying to ensure the quality of the design and reduce the number of potential defects. The project manager would like to use the fishbone diagram to perform this analysis. This type of modeling relies on:
A. Prioritizing the specific event.
B. Variance in the process over time.
C. Causes of a specific event.
D. Determining the number of events.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is included in decision oversight? PK0-003 dumps
A. Local, state, and federal laws
B. Change control board, committee consulting
C. Tollgate approval, project phase transition
D. Audit trails, retention, and version control
Correct Answer: B

A chart of accounts is included in which of the following plans?
A. Quality management
B. Cost management
C. Risk management
D. Procurement management
Correct Answer: B

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