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Latest EMC Exam questions

Latest EMC DES-1B21 List

EMC DES-1B21 Exam Video

Latest updates EMC DES-1B21 exam practice questions(1-5)


How would you check the current color of an ECS rack? 

A. cat /etc/HOSTNAME 

B. getrackinfo 

C. cat /var/tmp/installer/provisioning.txt 

D. rpm -ivh –color=red ecs-os-base 

Correct Answer: B 


A company is integrating Dell EMC Isilon CloudPools with the ECS and would like to enable CloudPools for disaster

recovery failover. Which deep copy option should be used? 

A. Allow 

B. Force 

C. Stub sync 

D. Deny 

Correct Answer: B 


How do ECS object users authenticate to the ECS OpenStack Swift Service when running the Version 1 protocol? 

A. .PEA file 

B. Login and password 

C. Scoped token 

D. Simple token 

Correct Answer: C 



What is a characteristic of ECS? 

A. Cannot be federated to protect data across multiple sites 

B. Cannot be run on-Dell EMC hardware for custom solutions using existing resources 

C. Provides offline object access for mobile, desktop, and enterprise applications 

D. Provides simultaneous access to data via several standard industry protocols 

Correct Answer: D 


What is a correct statement concerning the use of ECS as an LTR solution with DD Cloud Tier? 

A. There can be up to four cloud units that make up the cloud tier 

B. Backups are cloned to the cloud tier via the app-based policy 

C. Mission critical applications are backed up first to the DD cloud tier 

D. Data is moved directly from the active tier to ECS 

Correct Answer: D

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Full EMC DES-1B21 exam practice questions: (Total Questions: 66 Q&A)

Latest EMC DES-6321 List

EMC DES-6321 Exam Video

DES-6321 Specialist –Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance Exam:

This exam focuses on the overall product and hardware and software requirements to implement a VxRail cluster. This includes CI/HCI benefits, hardware installation, environment validation, software implementation,
product scale-out options, REST API, and common issues and troubleshooting of events.

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Latest updates EMC DES-6321 exam practice questions (1-5)

To investigate a problem on a VxRail system, the onsite engineer has to collect the complete set of logs.
Which method will collect all logs at once?
A. Download https://:443/appliance /support-bundle
B. Export vCenter system logs
C. Run/mystic/generateFullLogBundlecommand in VxRail Manager CLI
D. Click “Generate New Log Bundle” in the VxRail Manager GUI
Correct Answer: B

Which requirement is optional for a VxRail Stretched Cluster?
A. Enterprise Plus vSphere Licensing
B. External vCenter
C. IPv6 Multicast between locations
D. Cross-site layer-2 connectivity
Correct Answer: C

The vSAN health check is reporting errors about the stats.db object. What could be a possible cause of this problem?
A. vSAN performance service is not enabled on one of the ESX nodes
B. vSAN health service is disabled
C. There are inaccessible/unhealthy vSANobjects
D. vSAN performance service is not enabled
Correct Answer: D

A company has indicated that they do not want to change the native VLAN for their entire switch. Based on best
practice, how should the Top of Rack (ToR) switch be configured?
A. Set the native VLAN on the switch ISL ports
B. The native VLAN for the switch must be set
C. Set the native VLAN only at the VxRail trunk ports
D. Do not configure ToR switch native VLAN and instead tag the VLAN on VxRail
Correct Answer: A

An all-flash VxRail cluster has just been deployed. When attempting to enable compression, the option is grayed out.
What is the cause of this situation?
A. “Add disks to storage” is set to manual
B. Erasure Coding is not enabled
C. Erasure Coding is not disabled
D. “Add disks to storage” is set to automatic
Correct Answer: D

[q1 – q13] [PDF] Free EMC DES-6321 pdf dumps download from Google Drive:

Full EMC DES-6321 exam practice questions: (Total Questions: 137 Q&A)

Latest EMC DES-6332 List

EMC DES-6332 Exam Video

Specialist Systems Administrator VxRail Appliance Exam:

Successfully obtaining this certification enables and validates the candidate’s ability to apply the knowledge and skills required to effectively administer a VxRail appliance in order to efficiently leverage the platform to solve business problems. The certification supports the skills needed to successfully work within environments undergoing digital and IT Transformations

Latest updates EMC DES-6332 exam practice questions (1-5)

When using a vSAN storage policy with FTT = 1 and FTM = Mirroring, how many witness components exist for a
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Correct Answer: A

How is the VMware HCIA Management role associated with a user in vCenter after the VxRail system has been
A. Assign the role directly to the user at the object level
B. Add user to HCIA Management group
C. Import the role to the user from VxRail Manager
D. User is automatically added to the role when created
Correct Answer: A

In a VxRail appliance, which task is performed using VxRail Manager?
A. Create storage pools
B. Remediate health events
C. Manage VxRail users and roles
D. Perform software upgrade
Correct Answer: C

When needed the vSAN might also break large objects into multiple components. What is the maximum size of a
A. 63 GB
B. 127 GB
C. 255 GB
D. 511 GB
Correct Answer: C

Which user interface provides remote power control (power on and power off) for VxRail E Series nodes?
A. VxRail Manager
D. VMware vSphere Web Client
Correct Answer: D

[q1 – q13] [PDF] Free EMC DES-6332 pdf dumps download from Google Drive:

Full EMC DES-6332 exam practice questions: (Total Questions: 60 Q&A)

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