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McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Certification Guide: https://www.mcafee.com/enterprise/en-us/assets/guides/gd-dlpe-certified-product-specialist.pdf

The McAfee Certified Product Specialist certifications are designed for candidates who administer a
specific McAfee product or suite of products, and have one to three years of experience with that
product or product suite. This certification level allows candidates to demonstrate knowledge in
these key product areas:

  • Basic architecture
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Management
  • Troubleshooting

Latest Updates McAfee MA0-103 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Prior to editing the production DLP Endpoint Policy a backup copy should be taken as a precaution. Which method can
the DLP Administrator use to backup rules based on User Assignment Groups?
A. The DLP Policy, File, Export Policy to HTML feature
B. The DLP Policy, File, Synchronize Templates feature
C. The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Policy Catalog feature
D. The DLP Policy, File, Save as feature
Correct Answer: D


Which Microsoft product can hinder proper installation of McAfee DLPe components on the ePO server and may need
to be disabled until after installation is completed?
A. .N ET Framework
B. Active Directory Network permissions
C. Microsoft Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
D. Windows Server 2003 Sharing and Security options in Repository folders
Correct Answer: C


There is a known virus spreading using removable media; What action should be taken to mitigate this risk?
A. Monitor all removable media devices
B. Enable McAfee endpoint encryption controls
C. Block all removable media devices
D. Make plug and play devices read only
Correct Answer: C


Following production deployment the DLP Endpoint Administrator begins to receive an increasing number of calls
related to credit card number content detection false positives. Which of the following can the administrator do to reduce
false positives?
A. Turn on verbose logging
B. Increase dictionary weights
C. Increase text pattern thresholds
D. Use regular expression validators
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is an example of structured data that may be identified using Regular Expressions?
A. First and last names
B. Social Security numbers
C. Physical addresses
D. Email domain
Correct Answer: B


What rule is used to block transfer of protected files sent via Google Chrome Browser?
A. Application Based Tagging Rule
B. Network Communication Protection Rule
C. File System Protection Rule
D. Web Post Protection Rule
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is a potential indicator of an issue with the DLP Endpoint client?
A. Multiple FCAGTE processes are present in the Task Manager
B. Multiple FCAG processes are present in the Task Manager
C. FCAGSD process is present in the Task Manager
D. FCAGTE is running as a user instead of the System account in the Task Manager
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is an authorized method to remove the McAfee DLPe Agent?
A. ePO product deployment task
B. Agent override
C. Add the computer to a privileged user group
D. ePO server task
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following is NOT a proactive approach to preventing performance issues?
A. Adding exclusions for security and indexing software
B. Removing unnecessary applications and application definitions from the policy
C. Disabling unused modules in Agent Configuration
D. Running a File System Discovery Scan
Correct Answer: D


An executive sends merger documents to legal counsel. Policy dictates the documents should be encrypted, but they
are being sent in plain text. What is the appropriate action to configure in such a case using DLPe protection rules?
A. Monitor the activity using a File System Protection Rule, store the evidence and notify the user.
B. Verify the violation and send an alert to the administrator.
C. An Email Protection Rule should be used to block the email unless the documents are encrypted.
D. Do nothing.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is an example of un-structured data that may be identified using Dictionaries?
A. Social Security numbers
B. Credit card numbers
C. List of diseases
D. Date of birth
Correct Answer: C


Before upgrading to a newer version, which of the following steps should be followed?
A. Back up the EPO policy catalog for DLP
B. Uninstall management extensions
C. Uninstall current DLPe client
D. Disable unused modules
Correct Answer: A

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