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A key stakeholder claims to have not received status updates per the agreement. The PM reviews the communications plan and determines the updates were provided as agreed upon. Which of the following should the PM do NEXT to resolve the inconsistency between the communications plan and the stakeholder\\’s expectations?

A. Analyze the RASI chart
B. Review previous meeting minutes.
C. Initiate a change control request.
D. Updates the communications plan.



A team member has reported Task 3 will be completed ahead of schedule.

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Using the given chart, which of the following represents the critical path if Task 3 is completed in two days?

A. 8 days
B. 10 days
C. 11 days
D. 12 days



For most organizations, which of the following is the MOST efficient method to communicate the project status to a large group of stakeholders?

A. Email messages
B. Internet site
C. Conference calls
D. Instant messages




When a risk event occurs, which of the following documents is BEST suited for recording and tracking new items corresponding to the risk?

A. Issue log
B. Risk management plan
C. Communications plan
D. Risk register
E. Status report



Which of the following should be included in an effective SOW?

A. Lessons learned
B. Procurement process
C. Corrective action plan
D. Project objectives



A project sponsor would like the status of a key deliverable at the first project milestone.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a milestone?

A. Ongoing
B. Resource assigned
C. High cost
D. Zero duration

Milestones are typically major accomplishments of the project and mark the completion of major deliverables or some other key event in the project. For example, approval and sign-off on project deliverables might be considered milestones. Other examples might be the completion of a prototype, functional testing, contract approval, and so on.
A milestone is typically denoted on a project schedule as an event that is achieved once all the deliverables associated with that milestone are completed and it has a duration of zero.



A business has implemented a new online performance management tool that allows functional and project managers to rate employees online.
This action is known as which of the following?

A. Business process change
B. Organizational change
C. Internal reorganization
D. Business continuity planning

Reference: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 297



A project has activities on the critical path that must be completed before other activities can start.
Task A is dependent on Task C before Task D can be completed.
Task A requires task B to start.
Task B takes twice as long to complete as Task C.
Which of the following is the appropriate ordering of the critical path?

A. B, A, D
B. C, B, D, A
C. D, A, C
D. B, C, A, D



Which of the following documents is a snapshot in time of a project during the execution phase?

A. Scope document
B. Performance indicators
C. Status report
D. Risk register



A project manager is providing the lessons learned for a project that ran over budget and produced poor quality deliverables. Which of the following should the project manager include as part of the lessons learned?

A. Risk register
B. Post-mortem analysis
C. Issue log
D. Procurement report




During the storming stage of a project team\\’s development, it is common to experience confusion about tasks and responsibilities because:

A. there is unfamiliarity with the project structure.
B. there is a lack of trust among team members.
C. there are minimal team decisions.
D. there is no engagement of the team by the project manager.




Which of the following activity sequencing techniques uses nodes to symbolize the dependencies of each activity?

A. Critical Path Method
B. Critical Chain Method
C. Arrow Diagramming Method
D. Gantt Chart Method



An active project has a CPI of 0.92. Which of the following can be determined?

A. The project is currently over budget.
B. The project has a budget surplus.
C. The project is ahead of schedule.
D. The project is behind schedule.


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