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Latest Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-360 Practice Questions and Answers

You must optimize the 2.4GHz radio usage during the frequency planning of a high-density environment. Which step do
you take to ensure that all of the clients can access the APs?
A. Reduce the number of users per cell by adding additional APs
B. Physically limit the propagation of wireless signals by using antennas and by the placement of the APs
C. Limit the propagation of wireless signals by using a four-channel plan on neighboring APs where available
D. Limit overlapping signals by using three non-overlapping channels
Correct Answer: D

You must optimize an IPv6 wireless design to ensure that RA packets from routers can be trimmed to a minimum
frequency that still maintains IPv6 client connectivity. Which configuration do you use?
A. RA throttling
B. AAA Override for IPv6 ACLs
C. IPv6 ACLs
D. RA guard
Correct Answer: A

An engineer is installing a wireless network in an industrial area with extreme temperatures and a significant amount of
dust. Which enclosure should be used to protect the APs?
Correct Answer: C
Sometimes access points (APs) are located in areas where they are subject to extreme moisture, temperatures, dust
and particles. These APs might need to be mounted inside a sealed enclosure. The NEMA has a rating system for these
enclosures, which are generally called NEMA enclosures.

When designing a large, high-availability wireless network, what changes to a mobility- group would create less load on
the controllers while maintaining the same mobility messages?
A. remove unnecessary controllers from the mobility-group to cut down on the controller\\’s messaging load
B. separate the controllers into different mobility-groups per controller to only send relevant messaging to controllers in
different groups
C. configure mobility-group multicast messaging
D. configure the controllers into separate RF-Groups from the mobility-groups to cut down on controller processing load
Correct Answer: C

A customer is having issues streaming video over wireless in a few high-density areas of their campus. After further
investigation, the administrator has singled out the issue pertains to the clients associated to 802.11b/g only access
points. The rest of the campus is covered in 802.11n access points. What is a possible reason for the issue with video
streaming on the 802.11b/g access points as opposed to the 802.11n access points?
A. Due to the High-Density environment, there was high-utilization of the wireless spectrum. With 802.11n. the access
points are able to aggregate the MSDU and MPDU frames into A-MSDU and A-MPDU frames, utilizing less airtime to
transfer data.
B. The wireless clients were all transmitting at 802.11b data rates and would have operated properly had they been
transmitting and receiving at 802.11g rates.
C. The clients could not transmit data at the highest mandatory rate of 54 Mbps due to limitations with 802.11b/g. This
data-rate is only possible when transmitting at 802.11n speeds.
D. The wireless controller was denying the client access to the video due to multicast-direct supporting the PHY rate of
48000 that the 802.11b/g client could not handle.
Correct Answer: A

A wireless engineer is hired to troubleshoot wireless network issues and discovers that the customer is using 802 11 ac
access points with 80 MHz-wide channels in a high-density environment. Which solution addresses these issues?
A. Disable RRM on the WLC.
B. Disable TPC on the WLC
C. Decrease the channel width.
D. Increase the minimum data rate supported
Correct Answer: D

Which three components and tasks should be considered while planning the site survey? (Choose three.)
A. Determine the project scope, type of deployment, timeline, scale, budget, and users
B. Determine project stakeholders
C. Determine customer training requirements
D. Determine AP and controller placement
E. Determine the customer applications that the network will support
F. Determine radio spectrum and channel allocation
G. Schedule customer end user interviews
Correct Answer: ABE

When implementing video teleconferencing over a wireless network, which three attributes should be considered when
cell planning? (Choose three.)
A. latency
B. jitter
C. throughput
D. packet loss
E. client association
F. number of users on the network
Correct Answer: ABD

You are designing a wireless network to support voice and video applications. The customer is requesting to use the 2.4
Ghz band only because they primarily use 802.11b legacy devices. Which two must be considered? (Choose two.)
A. Disable the data rates below 11 Mbps and set the rest as supported.
B. Set the mandatory data rate to 11 Mbps.
C. Set the mandatory data rate to 12 Mbps.
D. Disable the data rates below 12 Mbps and set the rest as supported.
E. Set the mandatory data rate to 5.5 Mbps.
Correct Answer: BE

What is the result if a client radio is incapable of supporting all the 5 GHz channels you have deployed in the controller
or APs?
A. You may only be able to deploy 20 MHz-wide channels.
B. This may result in the client having to roam more frequently to find a channel it supports.
C. This may result in coverage holes in the network.
D. You may only be able to deploy 40 MHz-wide channels.
Correct Answer: C

Drag and drop the IPv6 feature on the left to the matching feature function on the right. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:lead4pass 300-360 exam question q11

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 300-360 exam question q11-1


An engineer is deploying centralized wireless solution with a 5508 controller. What is the most AP licenses that can be
A. 100
B. 250
C. 1000
D. 500
Correct Answer: D
You can order Cisco 5500 Series Controllers with support for 12, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 APs as the controller\\’s base
capacity. You can add additional AP capacity through capacity adder licenses available at 25, 50, 100 and 250 AP
capacities. You can add the capacity adder licenses to any base license in any combination to arrive at the maximum
capacity of 500 APs. Reference:


An engineer is conducting a location readiness test and wants a selected point to be considered location-ready. Which
three possible configurations reflect the minimum number of APs needed? (Choose three.)
A. One AP is resident in each quadrant surrounding the point-in-question.
B. One AP per 1400 sq. ft. on the map.
C. Two APs are resident in each quadrant surrounding the point-in-question.
D. Four APs are deployed on the floor.
E. Three APs are within 70 feet (21 meters) of the point-in-question.
F. Three APs are deployed on the floor.
Correct Answer: ADE
A point in a WLAN deployment is location ready if the following are all determined to be true:
At least four access points are deployed on the floor.
At least one access point is found to be resident in each quadrant surrounding the point-in-question.
At least one access point residing in each of at least three of the surrounding quadrants is located within 70 feet of the

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