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200-105 ICND2 – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/200-105-icnd2.html

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Which two steps must occur before two routers can become BGP peers? (Choose two.)
A. The routers must establish a TCP connection to one another
B. The routers must exchange BGP version information
C. The routers must receive multicast hello packets from one another
D. The routers must receive more than one BGP routing update from one another
E. Each router must reset its BGP timers to their default settings
Correct Answer: AB


What is the default Local Management Interface frame type transmitted by a Cisco router on a Frame Relay circuit?
A. Q933a
D. Cisco
Correct Answer: D


A new switch is being added to the River Campus LAN. You will work to complete this process by first configuring the
building_2 switch with an IP address and default gateway. For the switch host address, you should use the last available
IP address on the management subnet. In addition, the switch needs to be configured to be in the same VTP domain as
the building_1 switch and also needs to be configured as a VTP client. Assume that the IP configuration and VTP
configuration on building_1 are complete and correct. The configuration of the router is not accessible for this exercise.
You must accomplish the following tasks:
Determine and configure the IP host address of the new switch. Determine and configure the default gateway of the new
switch. Determine and configure the correct VTP domain name for the new switch.
Configure the new switch as a VTP client.lead4pass 200-105 exam question q3

Correct Answer: Check the answer in explanation.
Here are the Steps for this Lab Solution:
The question states we can\\’t access the router so we can only get required information from switch building_1. Click
on the PC connected with switch building_1 (through a console line) to access switch building_1s CLI. On this switch
use the
show running-config command:
building_1#show running-config
Next use the show vtp status command to learn about the vtp domain on this switch
building_1#show vtp status
(Notice: the IP address, IP default-gateway and VTP domain name might be different!!!) You should write down these 3
parameters carefully.
Configuring the new switch
+ Determine and configure the IP host address of the new switch The question requires “for the switch host address,
you should use the last available IP address on the management subnet”. The building_1 switch\\’s IP address, which
is, belongs to the management subnet.
Increment: 32 (because 224 = 1110 0000)Network address: Broadcast address:
->The last available IP address on the management subnet is and it hasn\\’t been used (notice that the IP
address of Fa0/1 interface of the router is also the default gateway address Also notice that the
management IP address of a switch should be configured in Vlan1 interface. After it is configured, we can connect to it
via telnet or SSH to manage it.
Switch2#configure terminalSwitch2(config)#interface Vlan1Switch2(config-if)#ip address shutdown
+ Determine and configure the default gateway of the new switch The default gateway of this new switch is same as that
of building_1 switch, which is
Switch2(config-if)#exitSwitch2(config)#ip default-gateway
+ Determine and configure the correct VTP domain name for the new switch The VTP domain name shown on
building_1 switch is Cisco so we have to use it in the new switch (notice: the VTP domain name will be different in the
exam and it is case sensitive so be careful)
Switch2(config)# vtp domain Cisco
+ Configure the new switch as a VTP client
Switch2(config)#vtp mode client
We should check the new configuration with the “show running-config” and “show vtp status”; also try pinging from the
new switch to the the default gateway to make sure it works well. Finally save the configuration
Switch2(config)#exitSwitch2#copy running-config startup-config


Which technology can prevent client devices from arbitrarily connecting to the network without state remediation?
A. 802.1x
B. IP Source Guard
C. MAC Authentication Bypass
D. 802.11n
Correct Answer: A


Which protocol can cause overload on a CPU of a managed device?
A. Netflow
Correct Answer: D


A switch is configured with all ports assigned to vlan 2 with full duplex FastEthernet to segment existing departmental
What is the effect of adding switch ports to a new VLAN on the switch?
A. More collision domains will be created.
B. IP address utilization will be more efficient.
C. More bandwidth will be required than was needed previously.
D. An additional broadcast domain will be created.
Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. On R1 which routing protocol is in use on the route to 200-105 exam question q7

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. What information about the interfaces on the Main_Campus router is true?lead4pass 200-105 exam question q8

A. The LAN interfaces are configured on different subnets.
B. Interface FastEthernet 0/0 is configured as a trunk.
C. The Layer 2 protocol of interface Serial 0/1 is NOT operational.
D. The router is a modular router with five FastEthernet interfaces.
E. Interface FastEthernet 0/0 is administratively deactivated.
Correct Answer: B
Interface fa0/0 breaks into sub interface and Main_Campus router is connected with switch via fa0/0. Subinterfaces
configured with different subnet mask so its seem switch has multiple vlans and allow communication between vlan,
router and inter-vlan we need to make a trunk port. So B will be the correct answer.

Refer to the exhibit. The show interfaces serial 0/1 command was issued on the R10-1 router. Based on the output
displayed which statement is correct?lead4pass 200-105 exam question q9

A. The cable connected to the serial 0/1 interface of the R1-1 router is a DTE cable.
B. The R10-1 router can ping the router interface connected to the serial 0/1 interface.
C. The clock rate used for interface serial 0/1 of the R10-1 router is 1,544,000bits per second.
D. The CSU used with the serial 0/1 interface of the R10-1 router has lost connection to the service provider.
E. The interface of the remote router connected to the serial 0/1 interface of the R10-1 router is using the default serial
interface encapsulation.
Correct Answer: E
Cisco High-Level Data Link Controller (HDLC) is the Cisco proprietary protocol for Cisco HDLC is the default
encapsulation type for the serial interfaces.

Refer to the graphic. Users on the Holyoke router are unable to access the intranet server attached to interface E0 of
the Chicopee router. Inspection of the routing table of the Holyoke router shows that an entry for the Chicopee E0
network is missing.
Which command will configure the Holyoke router with a path to the intranet server network?lead4pass 200-105 exam question q10

A. Holyoke(config)# ip host Chicopee
B. Holyoke(config)# ip host Chicopee
C. Holyoke(config)# ip network
D. Holyoke(config)# ip network
E. Holyoke(config)# ip route
F. Holyoke(config)# ip route
Correct Answer: E


Which address is the IPv6 all-RIP-routers multicast group address that is used by RIPng as the destination address for
RIP updates?
A. FF02::6
B. FF02::9
C. FF05::101
D. FF02::A
Correct Answer: B


Which two statements about the Cisco APIC-EM ACL Path Trace feature are true? (Choose two.)
A. Higher-priority ACEs override lower-priority ACEs in the same ACL.
B. The trace analyzes only the egress interface of all devices in the path.
C. The trace analyzes the ingress interface and the egress interface of all devices in the path.
D. The trace analysis stops as soon as the trace encounters a deny entry on the path.
E. The trace analyzes only the ingress interface of all devices in the path.
Correct Answer: AC
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/cloud-systems-management/application-policy-infrastructure-controller-enterprise-module/1-2-x/config-guide/b_apic-em_config_guide_v_1-2-x/b_apic-em_config_guide_v_1-2x_chapter_01000.pdf


Which purpose of the network command in OSPF configuration mode is true?
A. It defines a wildcard mask to identify the size of the network.
B. It defines the area ID.
C. It defines the network by its classful entry.
D. It defines which networks are used for virtual links.
Correct Answer: A

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