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See the exercise answers at the end of the text


Router10 is an area system border router (ASBR). The interfaces on Router 10 are configured as below: S 0/0 S0/1 Fa0/0 Fa0/1

You would like Router 10 to advertise the and the networks over OSPF in its Type 5 link-
state advertisements (LSAs).

What command set would instruct the router to do this?

A. RTA10(config)# router ospf 1 RTA10(config-router)# redistribute static
B. RTA10(config)# router ospf 1 RTA10(config-router)# redistribute connected
C. RTA10(config)# router ospf 1 RTA10(config)# redistribute connected
D. RTA10(config)# router ospf 1 RTA10(config-router)# network area 1 RTA10(config-router)#network area 1


Examine the diagram below:

Based on the diagram and the following partial output from Router R2, which networks will be present in the routing table of Router R1?

D. and


The exhibit contains portions of RouterA\’s BGP configuration and IP routing table.

Which IP network addresses, that were not learned using BGP, will be present in BGP advertisements from RouterA?

D. No IGP networks will be advertised because synchronization is disabled.


You are configuring NAT64 to allow communication between a host running IPv6 and a server running IPv4. The router R1 sits between the host and the server. The router\’s Fa0/2/7 interface is connected to the IPv6 host and the Fa0/2/6 interface is connected to the IPv4 server.
The IPv6 host has an IPv6 address of 2001::a00:1/128 and the IPv4 server is at Below is the relevant configuration on R1:

When the IPv4 server responds to the IPv6 host, what IPv6 address will be in the source address in the packet?

A. 2001::a001
B. 2001::A00:B
C. 3001::a00:1
D. 2001::A00:A


An automatic IPv4-compatible IPv6 tunnel exists between two IPv6 networks. The two IPv6 networks belong to different BGP autonomous systems (AS). The tunnel source has the IPv4 address and the tunnel destination has the IPv4 address
Which of the following statements is TRUE about the tunnel source and tunnel destination IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)

A. the IPv6 address of the tunnel source is
B. the IPv6 address of the tunnel source is::
C. the IPv6 address of the tunnel destination is
D. the IPv6 address of the tunnel destination is::


You have applied the following configuration to Router71, as indicated in the following partial output of the show run command: Which of the following statements is true of this configuration?

A. This is a GLBP configuration
B. is the IP address of the HSRP group
C. The numeral 1 is the number of the HSRP group
D. This router will be prevented from taking back over as an active router when it recovers from a loss of its Serial0 interface


Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning a 6to4 tunnel?

A. The IPv6 packet is encapsulated in an IPv4 packet using an IPv4 protocol type of 41.

B. The 6to4 tunnel method includes a 20-byte IPv6 header with no options and an IPv4 payload.

C. The maximum transmission unit is increased by 20 octets with the 6to4 tunnel method.

D. The IPv6 packet has its header removed and replaced with an IPv4 header with the 6to4 tunnel method.


What is the role of a route distinguisher via a VRF-Lite setup implementation?

A. It extends the IP address to identify which VFP instance it belongs to.

B. It manages the import and export of routes between two or more VRF instances

C. It enables multicast distribution for VRF-Lite setups to enhance EGP routing protocol capabilities

D. It enables multicast distribution for VRF-Lite setups to enhance IGP routing protocol capabilities


Examine the following access list:

Which statement is NOT designed to prevent IP spoofing attacks from packets that appear to be sourced from inside the network, but are actually sourced from outside the network?

A. access-list 110 deny ip any
B. access-list 110 deny ip any
C. access-list 110 deny ip any
D. access-list 110 deny ip any


Which show command displays entries in a router\’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) table?

A. show IP BGP
B. show IP BGP table
C. show IP BGP topology
D. show IP BGP summary


What is the output of the following command: show IP vrf

A. Show\’s default RD values
B. Displays IP routing table information associated with a VRF
C. Show\’s routing protocol information associated with a VRF.
D. Displays the ARP table (static and dynamic entries) in the specified VRF


Which IGPs are supported by the MPLS LDP autoconfiguration feature?

A. RIPv2 and OSPF
D. ISIS and RIPv2


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF adjacency issue by going through the console logs in the router, but due to an overwhelming log messages stream, it is impossible to capture the problem. Which two commands reduce console log messages to relevant OSPF neighbor problem details so that the issue can be resolved? (Choose two.)

A. debug condition OSPF neighbor
B. debug condition interface
C. debug condition session-id ADJCHG
D. debug condition all


Validation results:


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