IBM Developed Preprocessing Blocks To Increase Machine Learning Tenfold

IBM Research Lab, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a new generic pre-processing building block that enables machine learning algorithms to absorb new information faster.

This development is expected to greatly benefit the booming AI industry. According to Thomas Parnell, an IBM mathematician in Zurich, they have developed a universal solution to the AI learning process that is 10x faster.

The potential benefits of new developments in the AI industry
According to the research lab, the main purpose of the present invention is to increase the speed at which AI machines learn new information.
The data block uses mathematical duality to filter important information in the data stream, ignoring unimportant data blocks, mainly for big data machine learning. Despite its enormous potential, much remains to be done to improve the block before it is ready for commercial use. The company plans to continue developing the system in IBM’s